It's for everyone!

Windows Phone
Mac OS

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Wi Display is, in brief, amazing! Let's watch how it works now!


Duplicate Mac & Windows screen wirelessly

  • To multiple devices simultaneously
  • Via local network wirelessly

Stream video & audio flawlessly

  • Play HD video up to 24 frames per second
  • Hear the sound everywhere

Remotely control your computer from anywhere

  • Bring the touch screen ability to control your PC
  • Bring the power of your PC to all other devices

Record screen for watching again anytime

  • Record what's going on from your PC
  • Manage the records and upload to YouTube easily

Zero configure and easy to use intuitively

  • Just run Wi Display in your devices
  • The rest is automatic!

Getting Started


Install WiDisplay

Purchase WiDisplay on the devices you want to use as extend displays.

Download Now


Install WiDisplay Host

Install WiDisplay Host for free on your main computer.

Download Now


Connect and Enjoy!

Tap Connect button on WiDisplay Host to connect and enjoy!